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Why and what can you look forward to on a safari with Birdwatching East Africa?

Knowledge & Experience:

Our trip lists for both birds and mammals speak alot about our knowledge & experience – think of over 750 species of birds, over 50 mammals among a few other creatures in 23 days? How about a16 days birding safari that recorded 602 species and another trip produced 631 species in 18 days. 401 species in only 8 days. We know we can do it. Choose us with confidence

Conservation committed:

We are engaged in several conservation programs. For every client who takes a safari with us we support planting and tending of between 10 to 40 indigenous trees to rehabilitate the destroyed forests trying to ensure that hopefully your birding kids or future generation would see the species you recorded. The current project in Kakamega Forest has over 3000 indigenous trees already. We buy the seedlings from the locals and contract them to plant and tend them till they are big enough.We run conservation classes to the rural community including teaching of women how to make the fireless cookers. Depending on your interest we include some these activities on our tour itinerary.We also encourage our tour participants to donate i.e. field guides or any environmental guides and books to schools around the area we visit.

Customized tours:

We welcome and encourage tailor-made tours to suit your needs (especially to those seeking specific bird species). You are many times in contact with your guide, who is always happy to help you design a trip to suit your like. Knowledge and experience: Our guides are passionate about all wildlife but especially those with feathers. Some have crisscrossed the countries studying, banding/ringing, photographing, dis-narring and learning all they can about their native bird species, mammals, reptiles, butterflies among others.

Budget options:

We also offer budget birding tours using campsites, cottages and bandas while keeping in mind the target species and simple but clean accommodation.


Though, we specialize in birdwatching safaris, we also offer great wildlife photographic and big game safaris entailing the east african natural history. So any normal wildlife safari will look at many other tours.


We organize safaris to fit into your schedule. They range from a single day around Nairobi to several weeks around the three countries. This accommodates a person on a short visit to Kenya either on business or attending a conference and has a few hours to squeeze a few birds into his/her business notebook to a family with three weeks of wildlife and beach safari.

Touring & guiding comfort:

In order to meet the needs of individuals, we limit numbers to 6 participants per guide per safari vehicle. This also guarantees a window seat for each person in the touring vehicle. However, on professionally-led wildlife photo tours, the safari truck takes 3 photographers per vehicle and could take the fourth as the leader using the pop-up rooftop above the driver's cabin.

Excellent accommodation:

Unless otherwise requested, accommodation is in above standard hotels, lodges and exclusive camps with private showers and toilets. We also carefully consider the proximity of the birding, wildlife site. We also run private mobile tented camps. But works well for the wildlife photo tours that stays over 3 nights at a site.

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